The Dream Team

Barbara Lyons Stewart

Feng Shui Consultant
(Of Blessed Memory)

Certified in both Feng Shui and Evidence-Based Design Architecture, Barbara Lyons Stewart has worked in partnership with The Rubin Family Wines as their Feng Shui architectural designer.  Barbara has had a varied career as an accomplished architect, interior designer, consultant, speaker, and author.

What Barbara created for River Road Family Vineyards and Winery was geared toward stress reduction, increasing productivity, fostering creativity, promoting focused concentration, and improving staff-retention, health, and satisfaction.

When the winery underwent a recent redesign and construction, it was Barbara Lyons Stewart who consulted with MBH Architects, working through every single detail. Barbara based her consultancy on 18 Instinct-Based Design Principles inspired by ancient Feng Shui design principles. River Road Family Vineyards and Winery was one of Barbara Lyons Stewart’s last projects.

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