Here’s an update from Ron Rubin Winery, as the immediate threat from the Kincade fire has passed and we are able to resume activities here. The largest wildfire in Sonoma County history is over 60% contained, with little risk of weather conditions causing it to cross the fire breaks. Smoke is also less intense locally than during 2017’s fires, with clear, crisp fall conditions across most of the county.

All staff are safe and accounted for, although a few spread out across the state to stay with family and friends. We look forward to their return over the next few days.

Other than the prolonged power outage, our winery and vineyard were unaffected by the blazes. Some smoke was in the air around the winery during the worst moments, but that has cleared up and did not impact the wines in the cellar. We were quite fortunate, as our last fermentation lots were just finishing up with primary (yeast) fermentation and were not impacted by five days without electricity and cooling.

Thank you for all your good wishes as our community recovers. We are extremely grateful to the army of 5,245 firefighters that protected our local towns. Without a doubt, they prevented this firestorm from becoming as tragic as the one in 2017.