Hi! I’m Ed Morris, winemaker for Ron Rubin Winery, home of River Road Family Vineyards located in the heart of Russian River Valley. It was a difficult harvest this year dealing with unforeseen heavy winds resulting in multiple fires which left our Winery closed for extended periods. Due to these conditions, our harvest this year will only be Chardonnay with no Pinot Noir production. While our selection of Chardonnays are either resting in tank or barrels, we look forward to our first release – our 2020 Un-Oaked Chardonnay. The Un-Oaked is currently racked, as we finish perfecting the blend and prepare the wine for bottle come December. We’ve completed cold fermentation which is often used as a method to help preserve bright, fresh flavors. Using cold fermentation allows us to focus and control the style of wine, keeping the flavors consistent and providing that bright acidity we strive for. Thus far, we have looked to achieve a lower alcohol (typically 12.5% alcohol by volume) with an off-dry finish. Already fresh and vibrant, I look forward to tasting this wine after bottling! While it has been a fast and dynamic harvest with some curve balls thrown at us, we’re extremely happy and excited about the wines we have in our cellar. I’ll keep you updated on the progress and character of our other Chardonnays as they age, but we look forward to how the 2020 vintage unfolds.

Chardonnay Grapes


I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce our winemaking team. I’m extremely grateful to have such a strong and talented team behind me. Matt Boschetti our Assistant Winemaker and Will Thiersch our Operations Enologist. Both work extremely hard, rain or shine. They make it happen!

Introducing Matt Boschetti, Assistant Winemaker

Left to right – Matt Boschetti, Ed Morris

It brings me immense joy seeing Matt step into his new role of Assistant Winemaker. Matt has been with Ron Rubin Winery for the last 8 harvests and has worked hard to achieve this promotion. I’ve watched him work as a Harvest Intern, move into a Cellar Lead position and continue his path in his career as Assistant Winemaker. He’s been our jack of all trades since joining the Winery in 2012. To make things more interesting, Matt comes from a long lineage of grape growers in Russian River Valley. Currently, Matt is enrolled at the University of California Davis in their Winemaking Certificate Program. I look forward to the wines produced under this team – I truly believe with Matt as our Assistant Winemaker, our wines will be pushed into the next level.

Introducing Will Thiersch, Operations Enologist

Left to right – Will Thiersch, Ed Morris

Will’s past role at the Winery was as our General Cellar Worker. Joining the team just 4 years ago, he’s shown a hunger for learning and I’ve been impressed by his strong work ethic. Recently, Will has accepted a new role as Operations Enologist, helping Matt and I with setting up necessary lab work and wine checks among other important winemaking duties. Like Matt, Will also had family in the wine industry. His dad worked for E. & J. Gallo Winery in Modesto, California for nearly a decade and from a young age Will was enamored by his dad’s dedication to wine and knew he wanted to follow in his footsteps but create his own path towards Winemaker. Will is also currently enrolled at the University of California Davis in their Winemaking Certificate Program.


On behalf of the entire team at Ron Rubin Winery, we wish you all continued good health!While we have finished with the 2020 grape harvest, a lot of work remains. All our primary fermentations are complete, and our focus has shifted to the secondary, malolactic fermentations which require constant monitoring. The wines are on their way from being youthful and raw to becoming polished and refined. It’s a wonderful transformation, and one that puts our skills to the test, but we are up for the challenge! Until next month cheers from the team here at Ron Rubin Winery!