In the heart of California’s renowned Sonoma County lies the Russian River Valley. And at the heart of the Russian River Valley lies the Green Valley, the place where River Road Family Vineyards and Winery calls home.

14 miles from the Pacific, it’s cool, foggy – and absolutely perfect for growing grapes that turn out an exceptional Pinot Noir.


Cool weather brings out the best in Pinot Noir grapes, helping to accentuate its natural flavor, yet bringing exceptional balance in the process. 

That’s why the Green Valley’s fog is such an important ingredient. It rolls in through the Petaluma Wind Gap each afternoon, and doesn’t burn  off until mid- to late morning, keeping our vines cooler than our neighbors just to the north and south.

It’s a difference you can taste with every sip.


While Pinot Noir grapes are known for thriving in rocky soils, our Goldridge Sandy Loam soil is something different.

It’s a remnant of a shallow inland sea that drained from the region about five million years ago. The fine, sandy soil is unequaled in its chemical balance.

What does that mean for the grapes? Fruit ripens slowly, which means the wines ultimately have lower alcohol content and balanced acidity, which makes them pair better with a wide range of food.

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