Feng Shui Design

To us, creating A Beautiful Experience starts with balance. Sometimes, as in our tea and wine, it’s something you can taste, something you can feel, something you can share. And sometimes, it extends even further – to the very design of our winery.

As we realized our dream and built our family winery in California, we embraced elements of Feng Shui design. Our goal is to live and work in harmony with the natural world around us, and Feng Shui is an important part of achieving that balance.

From our southern-facing windows that allow energy to flow freely, to deliberate, nature-inspired design and meandering paths throughout the Estate, Feng Shui informs every inch of River Road Family Vineyards and Winery.

We believe that when the elements around us are properly aligned, it will improve our relationships, our productivity – and make us all healthier and more successful. 

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We all have the experience of walking into a space that just “feels right” and walking into others that make us slightly uncomfortable. Feng Shui gives us the tools to make changes in our environment (like plan design, wall color and materials) that will improve our productivity, relationships, health, and prosperity.